We are group of chartered certified accountants and certified financial analyst whom have gained global qualifications and variety of experience e.g. ACCA , CFA, CFC, BSc, MSc. SCCA, CISA, SAP Associate Consultants , CMA….etc , beside this team we also have our experienced based team in all fields of accountancy, Finance, business advisory & Information technology & ERP team . The firm has alliances and partnering with the best experienced and knowledgeable professional team in Sudan , they have had long experience in the largest conglomerate companies in Sudan in different fields . This team has the know- how & required capabilities to work in different ERP & software e.g, SAP, SAGE, ORICALE, ORION, SM1, ROUTE TRACK, DYNAMIC , AUTOMASTER, IBM COGNOS ….ETC .

We solve complicated, complex issues and capitalize on opportunities to help deliver better working outcomes that grow, optimize and protect our clients’ businesses now and in the future.

The technology landscape is more challenging and complex than ever – and it’s changing at a breathtaking pace. Organizations have the opportunity to embark on a mission to unify strategy, analytics, supply chain, infrastructure and customer facing functions – all leveraging technology.

By starting with your business strategy and the outcomes you want to achieve, we help you set the change agenda for the enterprise, and draw a long-term road map so you can see what the future looks like, how to get there and which technology solution to employ to make it happen. And we understand that the organizational and people change elements hold the real key separating success from failure.

We deliver solutions along the defined road map to improve business performance, manage risk and optimize your current technology portfolio, enabling the cost savings that makes investment in new technology sustainable.

We bring a deep perspective on technology in relation to your business, and profound understanding and insight in specific areas and issues – from smart metering, billing and regulatory compliance, to mobile payments, , fraud, analytics, sales automation, financial statements analytics, e-commerce and mobility and more.