Our priority is to rescue a business and prevent them from having to go in to administration or liquidation. we always advise that as soon as a business starts to experience any financial problems, they seek help and advice as soon as possible, so we can ensure the proper measures are put in place to protect the assets.


Our team of highly skilled specialists have vast amounts of experience across all types of insolvency & corporate failure situations, both recommendation as advisory & implementation & training

We can be appointed to handle the “ Administration” or “Receiverships”


We are also a member firm of other International alliances and partners which means our global reach also allows us to handle cross-border assignments.


Restructuring & Insolvency


We understand the stresses that come with owning your own business and how hard it can be when you experience financial downturn. Sometimes these issues can be easy and simple to fix, yet others may be more complicated, requiring help and specialist knowledge.

With our range of skills and expertise we have the experience to tackle financial and operational problems and can advise you on your legal responsibilities and the options available to move forward. That may include “Process Redesign – Re-engineering & restructuring”, “changing of some policies & methods in accounting like costing methods, stock evaluation methods , pricing methods , process improvement , Efficiency gap & capability assessment …etc






Forensic Accounting


Not all business distress is due to the declining economy; sometimes suspected cases of fraud can be the reason behind why the books don’t balance. we are able to provide our clients with a full range of forensic services that will help identify any anomalies in their accounts. These services include:


  •  Fraud Investigation
  •  Asset Tracing
  •  Business Valuations
  •  Professional Negligence